Spring offer

As every year, I have prepared a spring offer for you.

Come with me to a location or studio, alone, with a partner or your whole family and let's create a piece of history together.

On location

Take me for a walk to the forest, park or by the water.

- up to 2 hours of outdoor photos
- online photo gallery to choose from
- 15 retouched photos ready to print.
- travel up to 50 km

NOK 3000

In studio

And when it rains, I invite you to a warm studio.

- up to 1.5h session in the studio
- online photo gallery to choose from
- 10 retouched photos ready to print.

NOK 2000


How do I book my adventure?

All you have to do is write to me from the form below and provide the approximate date and type of session you are interested in.

Can I buy more photos?

Of course! And they are also at a promotional price of 150,- per photo or in a package of 1000,- for 10 photos.

What if I want to go, for example, to the End of the World?

No problem at all. The only thing you need to remember is to check the weather in the place where you want to take me. And add a small travel fee.

How long does the promotion last?

You can book this amazing adventure at such amazing price only until 30/05/23