“It is not about pictures, it is about moments and feelings you have. To remember and feel them after time.
So if you are looking for a person who will be with you on this one of the most important days to tell your story and share the experience with you, you’re probably in the right place!”

So, how does it work?


Let’s talk, via live chat or over a good coffee, get to know each other. I want to know your plans and expectations. You can also use my knowledge, experience and tricks to make better plan for your big day.


If we fit together and I can meet your expectations, we'll do the paperwork like sign the contract and pay the reservation fee. We make your date be just for you.


This is the day we are waiting for... Your WEDDING day! I will make sure that your day is documented in the best way, and we will have great fun.


The lest part and this is probably the part couple is waiting for. The delivery of your carefully selected and edited photos. That only waiting for putting them in albums or hang on the wall.

Your Investment 2023

This is our day

All in one package:
-Full day coverage (up to 12h)
-High Resolution photos (for print)
-Online Gallery for you and your family
-Handmade, Fine art Album (25x25)
with Wooden Box for Album and USB with personalization
-Travel cost

30 000,-

Everything we need

-Half day coverage (6h)
-High Resolution photos (for print)
-Online Gallery for you and your family
-Wooden box and USB
-Travel cost up to 100km

from 17 000,-


-Up to 3h photoshoot
-High Resolution photos (for print)
-Online Gallery for you and your family
-Wooden box, and USB
-Travel cost up to 100km

From 12 000,-

Let's talk

If you have not found what you are looking for in my offer, let's talk, and together we will surely create an offer that will meet your expectations. Perhaps you would like to have an additional photographer at your wedding, or a videographer who will prepare a short or longer clip for you. Maybe you dream of a unique destination photoshoot after the wedding, or romantic engagement session. All you need to do is this small step a start.